Create your own unique shoe in your own taste and design. 



For the woman who wants the most beautiful day of her life make her even more beautiful in style and comfort is a proposal. 


About Pied à terre with respect to any interested woman requires uniqueness of the wedding presents and continues the tradition of elegance to the shoe, like every bride dreams of. 


The craft Sabrina manufactures quality ladies shoes. To dress or dinner dress, build custom shoes with the same fabric. 


Pioneered. . . rebelling, then as the scene of the Cyprus market, operating its first store in 1992 in the capital center, offering extreme women's shoes, introducing a new concert in women's footwear.

Address: 26C, Makarios Avenue, City Plaza (basement), 1065
Town: Lefkosia, Tel. (+357): 22375312, Country: Cyprus

Shoes will wear on your wedding day is an important element of the whole show you so be sure to choose carefully.

Women are usually looking for a tall elegant shoe for that day. Take then the cut and the height of the shoe since these factors will determine your comfort. 


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