Our wedding gift! With each purchase from your great range of costumes KENZO-FERRE-VERDI picked up for free ... 



Shop 1
Address: Anexartisias 178,
Telephone: 00357-25354584
Town: Lemesos
Shop 2
Address: Maximos Shopping Plazza,
Telephone: 00357-25585454
Town: Lemesos
Shop 3
Address: Στασικράτους 31Α, Telephone: 00357- 22660497
Town: Lefkosia
Shop 4
Address: Ερμού 162, Telephone: 00357-24665256
Town: Larnaka
Shop 5

Address: Αποστόλου Παύλου 38, Telephone: 00357-26912606
Town: Paphos
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